Is it possible to get whole commandline include redirection.., etc

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=>Can I get whole commandline not only argument list.
=>1. When I command like this
=>    $ > filename
=>2. sys.argv is returns only argument list
=>    ['']
=>Is there a way to find out 'redirection' information.

As a new person to python, I'm going to go out on a limb and declare this 
to not be a python question and to be a Unix question. If you're running 
under Windoze then my answer may not be valid since, as you can see, I 
only recently learned how to spell it.

When any Unix commandline is handed to a shell, all pipes and redirections 
are processed by that shell so that the various IO channels for the 
command are defined to point to the desired files before the command is 
even started. Only after that setup has occured is the desired command 
even started. There are books on the subject and this is not the correct 
forum to explain it all, but the docs to read that will leave you with no 
hint of idiomatic usage are all in section 2: fork, exec, open, close, dup 
and pipe (plus a few others not germain here also).

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