Is any python like linux shell?

Russ uymqlp502 at
Mon Jan 22 08:41:32 CET 2007

Frank Potter wrote:
> I learned some python in windows.
> And now I've turned to linux.
> I read a book and it teaches how to write shell script with bash,
> but I don't feel like the grammar of bash.
> Since I know about python,
> I want to get a linux shell which use python grammar.
> I searched by google and I found pysh, which is not maintained any
> more.
> There's another script named pyshell, which is not likely what I'm
> searching for.
> So, will somebody please tell me if there are any python like shells
> for linux?

You could in principle use Python as a general-purpose interactive
shell, but it wouldn't make much sense. Bash is more convenient for
basic operations such as changing directories, listing directories,
copying files, etc.

For more advanced scripting, I use both bash and Python. I use bash
typically as an executive for scripting Python programs. For example, I
use bash for stepping through a list of directories and running a set
of python programs in each directory. Sure, I could use Python for the
whole thing, but simply starting programs and moving files around is
more straightforward in bash than in Python.

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