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Wed Jan 17 18:13:24 EST 2007

At Wednesday 17/1/2007 16:05, Rikishi 42 wrote:

> >>What I want to do is to compile/bundle/prepare/whatever_term a simple
> >>Python script for deployment on a Windows machine. Installing Python
> >>itself on that machine, is not an option. Ideally I would like to obtain
> >>a single executable file, but a script+runtime is acceptable.
> >
> > distutils + py2exe
>Tried that, just after asking here.
>A bit messy (poor docs) and a very bloated result.

Consider that, at a bare minimum, you need to include python25.dll 
wich is rather large, and transitive module imports can lead to a 
large too.
Different "bundlers" may be more or less convenient, have more or 
less documentation, easier or harder to use, but they all make 
comparable file sizes; no one is so dumb to include all the scripts 
reachable along the PYTHONPATH, and on the other hand, if it included 
too few files your script might fail when it can't import a needed module.
for a related issue.
If you're going to try different alternatives, posting your findings 
at the end would be a good thing.

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