The reliability of python threads

Paul Rubin http
Thu Jan 25 02:18:20 CET 2007

"Klaas" <mike.klaas at> writes:
> CPython is more that "a particular implementation" of python,

It's precisely a particular implementation of Python.  Other
implementations include Jython, PyPy, and IronPython.

>  and the GIL is more than an "artifact".  It is a central tenet of
> threaded python programming.

If it's a central tenet of threaded python programming, why is it not
mentioned at all in the language or library manual?  The threading
module documentation describes the right way to handle thread
synchronization in Python, and that module implements traditional
locking approaches without reference to the GIL.

> I don't advocate relying on the GIL to manage shared data when
> threading, but 1) it is useful for the reasons I mention 2) the OP's
> question was almost certainly about an application written for  and run
> on CPython.

Possibly true.

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