Do I need Python to run Blender correctly?

AKA gray asphalt goodidea1950 at
Sun Jan 28 02:53:47 CET 2007

"John Nagle" <nagle at> wrote in message 
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> AKA gray asphalt wrote:
>> I downloaded Blender but there was no link for python. Am I on the right 
>> track?
>    Blender doesn't require Python, but if you have Python, you can
> write plug-ins for Blender.   Get "The Blender Book"; otherwise
> you'll never figure Blender out.
> John Nagle

I'm thinking about not upgrading "Strata 3D" because it still doesn't export 
textures with obj files and it just created an undo of more than one action, 
believe it or not... Am I expectiong too much of a $400+ program, to export 
textures with obj files? Does Blender do this? I see the BBook on Amazon for 
$30. That's probably my best bet, no?

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