PDF rendering toolkit?

Joshua J. Kugler joshua at eeinternet.com
Thu Jan 11 20:05:44 EST 2007

Jorge Vargas wrote:

> On 1/6/07, Diez B. Roggisch <deets at nospam.web.de> wrote:
>> > I'm looking for a tool to take an actual .pdf file and display it in a
>> > window (I'm using wxwidgets at the moment)
>> No idea if there is a one-shot-kills-them-all solution out there - but
>> if you have a way to go for windows, you might checkout PyQt and PyKDE
>> to embed a kpfd-view in a window of yours.
>> I agree that it is less than desirable to switch toolkits - but if you
>> _have_ to...
> yes indeed the problem with that is I want my code to be portable that
> is the reason I'm working on top of wx.

Qt3 (and PyQt3) is available on all platforms.  Qt4 (and PyQt4) is GPL on
all platforms for GPL projects.  You no longer *have* to stick with wx for
cross platform GPL goodness.


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