Portable general timestamp format, not 2038-limited

Richard Heathfield rjh at see.sig.invalid
Tue Jul 3 10:57:47 CEST 2007

Paul Rubin said:

> sla29970 at gmail.com writes:
>> As for the primacy of UTC vs. TAI, this is the classical chicken and
>> egg problem.  The bureaucratic reality is opposed to the physical
>> reality.
> Well, if you're trying to pick just one timestamp standard, I'd say
> you're better off using a worldwide one rather than a national one, no
> matter how the bureaucracies work.

In that case, the obvious choice is Greenwich Mean Time.  :-)

Seriously, GMT is recognised all over the world (far more so, in fact, 
than UTC, which tends to be recognised only by some well-educated 
people, and there are precious few of those), so why not use it?

I always leave my PC's clock set to GMT, partly out of this desire to 
support a single timestamp standard, and (it must be said) partly out 
of general cussedness.

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