Memory leak issue with complex data structure

Hrvoje Niksic hniksic at
Thu Jul 5 09:50:41 CEST 2007

Alan Franzoni <alan.franzoni_invalid at geemail.invalid> writes:

> I have a serious "leak" issue; even though I clear all those sets
> and I delete all the references I can have to the current namespace,
> memory is not freed.

Maybe the memory is freed (marked as available for further use by
Python), just not released to the operating system.[1]  To test against
that, try to allocate more Python structures and see if they reuse the
freed memory or if they allocate even more memory.  Even better, run
code like this:

while 1:
  ... populate your data structures ...

If this causes Python to allocate more and more memory, it means you
have a real leak.  If not, it means that the GC is working fine, but
it's not possible to release the memory to the OS.

Not giving freed memory back to the system is not (necessarily) a
Python bug; the same thing happens in C and is a consequence of
managed memory being assigned to the process as a contiguous block.

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