Building a Python app with Mozilla

sjdevnull at sjdevnull at
Thu Jul 5 16:57:03 CEST 2007

greg wrote:
> sjdevnull at wrote:
> > wxWidgets will give you native looking apps on both Linux and Windows
> Well, maybe. There's more to getting a native feel than
> just using the right widgets. I once saw a Qt-based app on
> MacOSX that had tiny little buttons that were too small
> for the text they contained -- Aqua buttons just don't
> scale down like that. :-(

wxWidgets isn't Qt-related.  wx wraps the Aqua widgets on MacOS, the
gtk widgets on Linux, and the Windows widgets on Windows.  So you're
actually using the real platform-specific widgets, and if you follow
the style guidelines you'll get pretty native-looking apps (including
things like the menubar showing up in the app on Linux/Windows but
using the main menubar on Mac).

Last I looked (3.1-ish), Qt didn't use the Aqua widgets but rather
tried to write their own widgets that looked (kinda) like the MacOS
widgets.  I hear that may have changed in more recent versions, but I
no longer have a Mac.  They did do the menubar correctly even at that
time, though.

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