SMTP server w/o using Twisted framework

_spitFIRE timid.Gentoo at
Thu Jul 5 21:42:33 CEST 2007

On Jul 5, 2:37 pm, "Jeff McNeil" <j... at> wrote:
> You could try pyDNS (  You should simply
> be able to call the 'DNS.mxlookup' function.  The other option would
> be twisted.names...

Thanks for the pointers.

> What about simply running an SMTP server on the machine running your
> application? Is that a possible approach?

  I guess that would be my last resort :)

> Not that I know of.  The protocol is standard, the queuing and retry
> logic, not so much.  Someone else may know more than I, though.

  I understand what you are saying. I guess, I would fall back to my
last option!

> > --
> >

  Thanks, once again.

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