How to create a single executable of a Python program

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Wed Jul 25 21:16:29 CEST 2007

On Jul 25, 10:20 am, Larry Bates < at> wrote:
> NicolasG wrote:
> > Dear fellows,
> > I'm trying to create a executable file using py2exe . Unfortunately
> > along with the python executable file it also creates some other files
> > that are needed in order to the executable be able to run in a system
> > that doesn't have Python installed. Can some one guide me on how can I
> > merge all this files created by py2exe in a single exe file ? If I
> > have a python program that uses an image file I don't want this image
> > file to be exposed in the folder but only to be accessible through the
> > program flow..
> > Regards,
> > Nicolas.
> You need to tell us why you "think" you need this and perhaps we can make a
> suggestion.  Question: Have you installed ANY applications recently that
> consisted of only a single file on your hard drive?  Answer: No.  Most
> applications install many (sometimes hundreds) of files.  So what is the
> problem.  If you want a single file to distribute, look at Inno Installer.  Use
> it to make a single, setup.exe out of all the files that come out of py2exe
> along with documentation, shortcuts, etc. that a good modern application needs.
> -Larry

I use a number of utilities that install as a single executable file.
In fact, that is why I use them. I can install them on systems and
remove them with simple fast tools and I can count on not leaving any
extraneous crap behind.

Utilities can afford to trade off simplicity for the efficiencies in
memory footprint and programmer time that giant apps must struggle

But, not everyone writes utilities. Does this multi-file stance mean
that there is an automatic assumption that python is only for
Microsoft wannabes?

Dale B. Dalrymple

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