socket programming related.

Simon Percivall percivall at
Thu Jul 12 03:17:25 CEST 2007

On Jul 12, 2:35 am, hari.sir... at wrote:
> On Jul 11, 7:32 pm, hari.sir... at wrote:
> > I have just started working in network programming using python.
> > written code for socket connection between client and server. Client
> > sent data to server for server processing (also server echoing back
> > rcvd data to client). When there is ("if no data": break ) no data
> > from client then the while loops break in server. The server program
> > process recvd data and my requirement is to send back the *results* to
> > client program for user sake. I did many trials but no use, as these
> > socket calls are blocking, i could not make my req.
> I just need to add a line. The while loop in server breaks when the
> sockObj.close() happens in client program indicating there is no data
> from client.

Well, you shouldn't do a close() on the client socket, you should do a

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