import mysteries

Peter Otten __peter__ at
Thu Jul 5 10:07:07 CEST 2007

David Abrahams wrote:

> on Wed Jul 04 2007, Peter Otten <> wrote:
>>>> Explicitly passed, see
>>> IIRC I ran doctest on the file I cited, not the one you're pointing
>>> at.  Is there some new magic doctest feature I should know about?
>> Had you looked at it
> Gimme a little credit, please!  Of course I looked at it.

>> you'd seen that the file I pointed to is the driver
>> script for running the doctests in the file you pointed to
> Yes, I saw that, but I don't know of any magic feature that causes the
> driver script to get loaded when I invoke doctest directly on the file
> I pointed to.

Nor do I.

>> -- unfortunately they have the same name. [...]/tests/
>> does indeed inject a HTML object into the globals of
>> [...]/filters/ before it runs the tests.
> Yes, I saw that, but as I said...
> Anyway, maybe I just got confused and doctest-ed the driver script.
> That certainly would explain everything.

Compelling assumption because it does away with the mystery...


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