testing scapy installation

bparkis at gmail.com bparkis at gmail.com
Thu Jul 12 01:37:25 CEST 2007

I have an installation of scapy on OS X (via macports) and I am trying
to determine if it was successful or not.  Nothing I do on the network
seems to work completely, but on the other hand the installation
didn't seem to have run into any trouble so I want to be sure.  What
test can I do to determine beyond a doubt whether this was a
successful installation?  I tried pscan.py, which was taken from


bmacbook:~/python bart$ sudo python ./pscan.py
WARNING: Mac address to reach not found

WARNING: Mac address to reach not found

WARNING: more Mac address to reach not found

and it goes on like that, for and so on.  It keep printing
error messages even after I ctrl-c the process, I have to close the
terminal for it to (apparently) stop.

This doesn't look that good, BUT, it does not print a warning when it
gets to the ip address of some computer on my local network (such as, so maybe something is working.  So is there some test I
can do that conclusively would show scapy to be working or not working?

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