Python Flagged as a Virus by AVG

James Matthews nytrokiss at
Fri Jul 20 23:40:46 CEST 2007

I was reading a Microsoft news group  and came across this post

Got this during a scan of my computer:

infected: object C:\hp\bin\python-2.2.3.exe:\comparisons.html

result: trojan horse PHP/MPack.B

status: infected embedded object

inefected: object C:\hp\bin\python-2.2.3.exe

What can/should I do about this?

Thanks for your help.

then there is another post

I got the same thing with my free AVG, but it was not moved to virus valut.
Have no idea what to do. Any help is appreciated!!!

Mine says Comparisons.HTML PHP/MPACKB


then finnaly

I just read on the AVG forum, many folks  have gotten this threat today, it
is a false positive. To clear it, update your virus definitions and then run

another scan. The new update is suppose to fix it. I did an update, then
another scan, and it finally came back clean. Seems it isn't going in
people's virus vaults.

Hope this helps........:-)

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