Trying to choose between python and java

Alex Popescu the.mindstorm.mailinglist at
Sun Jul 15 09:56:31 CEST 2007

I read in this thread lots of different (hopefully personal) opinions
on the question of Java vs Python,
so I thought I will post mines too (with the amendment that I am a
Java guy, spending there more than 10 years).

I don't think you can do a performance comparison upfront (without
having it completely flawed :-) ).
There are lots of important aspects that you need to take into
consideration while doing such a comparison
(startup time, gc configurability and performance, many many others),
and I think the only one that is fair is the one your would get for
your specific type of app.
And the same applies for the speed of development/maintenance/etc.

As with any other programming language: it has its own strong points
and weak points. This applies to both
Java and Python. And I don't think anybody on this list will be able
to tell you upfront which one is a better
fit for your app (at least not if they don't have an idea about your
environment, your existing pl knowledge,
your app, etc.).


.w( the_mindstorm )p.

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