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Sat Jul 21 01:12:13 CEST 2007

Paul Rubin <> writes:

> Is this appropriate?  Inappropriate?  Do your projects start using
> serious packaging and distribution tools very early in development,
> before the code is anywhere near usable?  Should they?

Yes. Test-driven development has taught me that putting off important
parts of the development process until the end is rarely a good
idea. So, I try to make a point of writing the first features inside a
complete unit test environment, and inside a complete
distribution/build environment. The tests are run continuously while
developing the code, and the distribution/build process is tested

I'm looking into the "build-bot" approach used to ensure that the
build process is also run automatically and continually during
development, just like the unit tests <URL:>; but
so far I'm running the build manually.

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