I am giving up perl because of assholes on clpm -- switching to Python

zentara zentara at highstream.net
Fri Jul 27 13:26:05 CEST 2007

On Thu, 26 Jul 2007 09:38:34 -0700, Paul Boddie <paul at boddie.org.uk>

>zentara wrote:
>> This is where the big boys play, you have to be able to be able to
>> scuffle and take punishment if you are wrong or unduly ignorant.
>> You also need to squash somehow who attacks you, when you
>> know you are right.
>Where is this again? High school?

No, it's the prison's exercise yard. (The prison being capitalism :-) )
If you sit on the bleachers and watch (i.e. lurk this newsgroup to
learn), there is no problem. But step out onto the field and enter
the play, be prepared for some open-hand slapping and verbal abuse,
especially if you don't read the Faq, do prior research, or just want a

>I can understand people getting
>impatient with repeated incoherent one-line messages of the form "can
>u give me teh codes thanx", but you'd show off your community a bit
>better by entertaining even the most naive questions - people have to
>start somewhere, you know.

perl beginners maillist is the place to go for that. Excellent answers
are given, with a "cherry on top".

You can understand that when these gurus get the same question, for the
500th time, they start screaming "search groups.google" or "read the

>In comp.lang.perl.misc? It seems to me that the "big boys" in this
>case have an inflated sense of their own bigness.

Maybe, but that karma will eventually play out against them.

>P.S. Although it's nice to point to beginner resources, too, let us
>avoid comp.lang.python becoming some kind of linux-kernel ego trip
>where anyone who has stuck around has an interest in perpetuating a
>hostile atmosphere.

Well, I'm just pointing out that she shouldn't give up on Perl because
of this newsgroup. I seldom post here myself, mostly because I know I'm
usually outgunned by the regulars.

I've always got the impression that this newsgroup was about arguing the
fine points of Perl, not explaining the basics to newbies. 


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