Using eggs or py2exe to distribute apps

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Fri Jul 20 11:18:10 CEST 2007

On Jul 20, 5:39 am, Marcus <mcshutter... at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm to the stage where I need to deploy the app I built with wxPython.
> I've been able to successfully build it w/py2exe into a binary (about
> 10MB size in total).
> What I'd like to do is create an automatic updater, so that I can have
> users download updated versions of my *application code* without having
> to have them redownload everything (the interpreter, etc) via a complete
> redownload (I want to package some things as "components").
> Eggs seem like an ideal solution, but I haven't had any luck using them
> in conjunction with py2exe.

It should be possible. exclude your application code from being
packaged, copy an egg file to your disribution directory and add it to

> It would seem that the most effective solution would be to package a
> python interpreter (with wxPython, etc already included) into the
> distributed app's directory and not use py2exe at all; however, since
> everything would be included in the distribution, it would seem that the
> full python distro would be huge (50MB at least), which defeats the
> purpose of wanting to build the app into "components".
> Worst-case scenario would be to have them redownload the 10MB update
> each time, but that's less than ideal, since the audience for my program
> would have more frequent/less substantial updates over time, rather than
> big updates all at once.
> Any guidance or suggestions are very much appreciated.

You can try bbfreeze from
(of which I'm the author). It has support for egg files. If  you
package your application code as an egg, it will by default copy your
whole egg (either as a directory or zipped) to the distribution

> Marcus

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