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Tue Jul 31 09:13:53 EDT 2007

On Jul 31, 6:41 am, Pei-Yu CHAO <peiyu_c... at> wrote:
> Hi ALL:
> I have only been switched from matlab to python few
> months ago. I having trouble of plotting images from a
> matrix size of 8x10000 (unfortunately that is the size
> of my data.....)
> for example,
> x = rand(8,10000)
> inshow(x)
> I have tried to use matplotlib function imshow(), but
> all i get is a long thin line (unable to see the color
> display and the my matrix information).
> i think imshow() has the same problem in matlab, but i
> think there is a alternative in matlab, imagesc().
> I did search on web about plt.imagesc().....but when i
> try to run the example code, python just tell me
> cannot find module plt.
> >>>from scipy import plt
> ImportError: cannot import name plt
> I have installed scipy, wxpython2.6....and it still
> seem not to work!
> is there some alternitive? or what have i done wrong?
> Thank you
> Pei
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The wxPython mailing list would be the better place for this set of
questions. I see them talking about this topic quite a bit. Here's a
link to their list:


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