Class decorators do not inherit properly

Bruno Desthuilliers bdesth.quelquechose at
Mon Jul 16 00:51:23 CEST 2007

Lee Harr a écrit :
>>>I think the term "class decorator" is going to eventually
>>>mean something other than what you are doing here. I'd
>>>avoid the term for now.
>>>When you decorate a class method,
>>>the function you use
>>>needs to be defined before the method definition.
>>FWIW, the term "class method" has a 
>>definite meaning in Python.
> Certainly. But "class decorator" is being introduced in
> Python 3000 with PEP 3129:

Certainly. But [1] "class methods" have been introduced in Python 2.2 !-)

[1] IIRC - please someone correct me if I'm wrong

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