Unicode problem

pabloski at giochinternet.com pabloski at giochinternet.com
Sat Jul 7 18:06:03 CEST 2007

Hi to all, I have a little problem with unicode handling under Python.

I have this code

s = u'A unicode string with this damn apostrophe \x2019'

outf = codecs.open('filename.txt', 'w', 'iso-8859-15')

what I obtain is a UnicodeEncodeError that says me that character \x2019
maps to undefined.

But the character \x2019 is the apostrophe and in the unicode table it has
\x0027 as an equivalent, so the codecs should convert \x2019 to \x27 ( as
defined in iso-8859-15 )....

The problem is that my software deals with italian strings that has a lot
of apostrophe and other similar simbols mapped between 2000 and 206F

Have can I resolve this issue? Should I prepocess the unicode strings or
is there a way to instruct Python to do the conversion?

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