zipfile 2GB problems?

xamdam maxkhesin at
Mon Jul 16 23:37:41 CEST 2007

On Jul 16, 3:39 pm, Steve Holden <st... at> wrote:
> xamdam wrote:
> > On Jul 15, 5:39 pm, Steve Holden <st... at> wrote:
> >> xamdam wrote:
> >>>>> Additional info: my file is from a data provider, do not know what
> >>>>> they used to compress it. Previous files worked ok, this one is the
> >>>>> 1st over 2GB. Winzip has no problem with it.
> >>>> It could be you are using a Python with an in-built limit of 2GB on file
> >>>> size. What happens if you open the file, seek past the 2GB point and
> >>>> then try and read data?
> >>> Steve,
> >>> I used is_zipfile function, which from does exactly that from a quick
> >>> read - goes to the end, reads expected string. It worked fine. Tried
> >>> regular Windows 2.4.4 and 2.5.1, same result.
> >> Fine, if it isn't file size limitations I suspect you need to post some
> >> code and a traceback so we can get better insight into exactly what the
> >> problem is.
> > It's failing in the ZipFile constructor, which ends up throwing
> > zipfile(2.4.3).py:291> raise BadZipfile, "Bad magic number for file
> > header"
> Well, that one bald line by itself certainly doesn't give *me* any
> traction an what the problem might be. Getting information about this
> problem is like (i.e. as difficult as) pulling teeth!
> regards
>   Steve

Well, Steve, I don't know what else to tell you - I certainly do not
want to cause you tooth ache! I was sort of hoping for some ZIP expert
to go, 'oh, yeah'...

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