Can a low-level programmer learn OOP?

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>From what I've read of OOP, I don't get it.  

For that matter, even using OOP a bit with C++ and Perl, I didn't get it
until I learned Python.

>The problem for me is that I've programmed extensively in C and .asm on 
>PC DOS way back in 1988.  

Newbie.  ;-)

(I started with BASIC in 1976.)

>Form 2:  Use Python and PySerial and TkInter or wxWidgets.
>Pro:  Cross-platform goal will likely be achieved fully.  Have a 
>programmer nearby with extensive experience who can help.
>Con:  Must learn new language and library.  Must possibly learn a 
>completely new way of thinking (OOP) not just a new language syntax. 
>This might be difficult.

My experience is that learning GUI programming is difficult.  Moreover,
GUI programming in C involves a lot of boilerplate that can be automated
more easily with Python.  So I think this will be a better solution.

Note very very carefully that Python does not require an OOP style of
programming, but it will almost certainly be the case that you just
naturally start using OOP techniques as you learn Python.
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