how to find available classes in a file ?

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>> >> I want to have a (dynamically) list of all classes defined in a  
>> py-file.
>> inspect.getmembers(the_module, inspect.isclass) would do. But this
>> requires the module to be importable.
> I may be wrong but I think I've found a difference between my
> dir(module) approach
> and the inspect.getmembers(module, inspect.isclass): the first one
> returns the
> classes defined in the module, while the later also lists the imported
> available
> classes.

Let's try, using the standard module which imports class Chunk  

py> import inspect
py> import wave
py> inspect.getmembers(wave, inspect.isclass)
[('Chunk', <class chunk.Chunk at 0x00ADEC00>), ('Error', <class  
'wave.Error'>), ...
py> dir(wave)
['Chunk', 'Error', 'WAVE_FORMAT_PCM', 'Wave_read', 'Wave_write', ...

Chunk appears on both. (That's not a surprise, since inspect.getmembers  
uses dir() internally).
If you want to include *only* classes defined in the module itself, you  
could test the __module__ attribute:

py> wave.Chunk.__module__
py> wave.Wave_read.__module__

How to filter when the class is defined deeply inside a package is left as  
an exercise to the reader :)

Gabriel Genellina

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