Can a low-level programmer learn OOP?

Eddie Corns eddie at
Mon Jul 23 19:43:31 CEST 2007

Paul McGuire <ptmcg at> writes:

>On Jul 23, 5:53 am, ed... at (Eddie Corns) wrote:
>> Wolfgang Strobl <ne... at> writes:
>> >few of James Gimple's snippets from "Algorithms in SNOBOL4"
>> >(-> as an exercise using that library might help
>> >to get a better appreciation. Perhaps I'll try, eventually ...
>> I never noticed them or the PDF of the book there before.  Some Friday
>> afternoon reading for sure.
>> Personally I hope to get more to time to look at a combination of Lua and
>> PEGs ( for my parsing
>> needs.
>> Eddie

>If you get a chance to look at pyparsing, I'd be interested in your
>comments.  The PEG page and the SNOBOL implementation have many
>similar concepts with pyparsing (or is it the other way around?).

It's on my list of things to get round to.

I think what I'm really after though is a parsing DSL.  I only did only one
fairly small project in SNOBOL but I was impressed at the ease with which I
could express the problem (some googling suggested that many end users found
the same).  I guess I want SNOBOL embedded in a modern language with scoping
etc.  Python is antithetical to (this class of) DSLs (IMHO) :(

Probably what I really need is parser combinators in Haskell or maybe camlp4
or some such exotica but unfortunately I've never heard of them.


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