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Thu Jul 26 12:14:58 CEST 2007

Sorry for the slow feedback.

Stargaming>Sounds like a good thing to be but the arbitrary
positioning doesnt make any sense.<

The arbitrary positioning allows you to denote 4-digit groups too in
binary/hex literals, like in my example:
auto x = 0b0100_0011;

Stargaming>fits into the current movement towards generator'ing
everything. But (IIRC) this idea came up earlier and there has been a
patch, too.<

Python is old so most simple ideas aren't new :-)

Steven D'Aprano>Underscores in numerics are UGLY.<

I presume it's a matter of taste too. I use them often in D code, and
the _ symbol is very different from the 0..F/0..f digits so you can
tell them apart with no problems.

Steven D'Aprano>Why not take a leaf out of implicit string
concatenation and allow numeric literals to implicitly concatenate?<

The "_" helps my eyes see that those digit groups are part of the same
number. With spaces I think my eyes may need a bit of extra time to
decide if they are parts of the same number literal.

Eric Dexter>I think there is a language bridge so that you can compile
d for python..  looks realy easy but I have python 2.5 and panda and
it try's to go for the panda instalation.  It looks much easier than c
to use with python in fact..<

Are you talking about "Pyd"? It's a good bridge, and I like it. It's
actively updated, soon in version 1.0.


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