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Thu Jul 26 20:53:07 CEST 2007

On 2007-07-26, marcpp <mar... at> wrote:

>Hi i'm introducing to do reports from python, any recomendation?

Yes, ReportLab is quite a good PDF library for Python. I used it as
the main underlying component in my xtopdf toolkit - see:

For most general uses, ReportLab is good choice.

You might want to check out xtopdf if your needs are somewhat simple,
mainly needing to convert text (from any source - plain text files,
CSV, DBF, TDV, XLS (limited support), or other sources) to PDF - as it
provides a slightly easier to use API for people who are not familiar
with ReportLab.

This article should help you use xtopdf for the above-mentioned

xtopdf doesn't support images as of now, nor any sophisticated
formatting - you'll have to use ReportLab if you need that.

Both ReportLab (the open source version) and xtopdf are released under
the BSD license - so you can use them for any purpose you want.

Good luck!

Vasudev Ram

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