Advice on sending images to clients over network

Calvin Spealman ironfroggy at
Sun Jul 22 20:15:17 CEST 2007

On 7/22/07, Paul McNett <p at> wrote:
> Paul Rubin wrote:
> > Frank Millman <frank at> writes:
> >> Any suggestions will be much appreciated.
> >
> > Why on earth don't you write the whole thing as a web app instead of
> > a special protocol?  Then just use normal html tags to put images
> > into the relevant pages.
> I believe he has a full desktop client app, not a web app. Believe it or
> not, there's still a solid place for desktop applications even in this
> ever-increasing webified world.
> Use the right tool for the job...

There is no reason that something being a "desktop app" means they
can't use HTTP instead of reinventing the protocol wheel all over

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