Does Python work with QuickBooks SDK?

kyosohma at kyosohma at
Wed Jul 4 21:28:31 CEST 2007

On Jul 4, 1:51 pm, walterbyrd <walterb... at> wrote:
> My guess is that it would, but I can find no mention of python in the
> intuit developers site. I  can find some references to PHP and Perl,
> but no Python.
> I looks to me like Intuit develops have a strong preference for visual-
> basic, then c/c++, then delphi.
> I find it just a little bit surprising, since Python does work
> with .Net and all.

I'm not seeing a Python wrapper for the SDK, but it looks like you can
access it with COM. This thread talks a little about doing just that:

To learn more about Python and how to work with COM, check this site

I hope that helps you out.


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