Probably simple syntax error

Mark Peters mpeters42 at
Mon Jul 2 07:07:23 CEST 2007

>         **weights_array(randomizing_counter) = small_randomized_int
> The starred line is the one getting the error message: "SyntaxError:
> can't assign to function call"
> Now, I do understand what this means. I'm trying to assign to a
> function instead of the value that the function should create. But
> since when is weights_array or small_randomizing_int a function? Both
> are being declared in the code on their first usage. This one has got
> me stumped, maybe you guys can help me out with it?

Using parens () indicates a function call.

I suspect things will work much better using square brackets [].

Square brackets indicate the index into a sequence (like a list)

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