Events: The Python Way

Gianmaria gianmaria at
Sun Jul 29 01:15:28 CEST 2007

i'm a .net programmer and i'm learnig python, so this question can be very
stupid or easy for python programmers. I've a doubt about events.... here is

in c# for example i can write a delegate and an event in this way...

public delegate SomethingChangedHandler(string message);
public event SomethingChangedHandler SomethingChanged;

and later in the code fire this event in this way...

if(SomethingChanged != null)
    SomethingChanged("Nothing important");

and the subscription of this event of other objects can be easy as

eventGeneratorObject.SomethingChanged += new

and even the handlig of the event is aesy...

void aFunctionto_takecareof_it(string msg)

} the question is.. how can i do the same using Python? Every help is


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