Wildemar Wildenburger wildemar at freakmail.de
Sun Jul 22 21:27:23 CEST 2007

Peter Kleiweg wrote:
> Define white space to isspace()
Explain that phrase.

> Here is another "space":
>   >>> u'\uFEFF'.isspace()
>   False
> isspace() is inconsistent
I don't really know much about unicode, but google tells me that \uFEFF 
is a byte order mark. I thought we we're implicitly in unison that 
"whitespace" (whatever the formal definition) means "the stuff we put 
into text to visually separate words".
So what is *your* definition of whitespace?

>>> Why does split() split when it says NO-BREAK?
>> Precisely. It says NO-BREAK. It doesn't say NO-SPLIT.
> That is a stupid answer.
I fail to see why you deem it a good idea to become insulting at this point.
It is a very valid answer: NO-BREAK means "when wrapping characters into 
paragraphs do not break at this space".
split() however does not wrap text, it /splits/ it (at whitespace 
characters, as it happens). The NO-BREAK semantic has no meaning here.


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