MethodType/FunctionType and decorators

Michele Simionato michele.simionato at
Thu Jul 5 14:58:36 CEST 2007

On Jul 5, 11:16 am, Alex Popescu <the.mindstorm.mailingl... at>
> Guys, I appreciate a lot your help and explanations. It looks like I
> have to read/play a bit more as some of the terms/ideas are pretty new
> to me (coming to Python with a 10 years Java bag, and only with a
> small dynlang bag - Ruby, Perl).
> Once again thanks,
> ./alex
> --
> .w( the_mindstorm )p.

BTW, if you are interested in decorators I should mention my own
module, which I
upgraded just yesterday to version 2.1:



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