Where is the syntax for the dict() constructor ?!

Wildemar Wildenburger wildemar at freakmail.de
Fri Jul 6 00:08:11 CEST 2007

Nis Jørgensen wrote:
> Neil Cerutti skrev:
>> Mostly you can use the default 'excel' dialect and be quite
>> happy, since Excel is the main reason anybody still cares about
>> this unecessarily hard to parse (it requires more than one
>> character of lookahead for no reason except bad design) data
>> format.
> I knew there had to be a reason why everyone is using xml these days ...
> Nis
Are you serious? You want to cram tabular data in some tree-oriented 
data format? Now THAT is evangelism. Why is it a bad desing choice to 
seperate values by a specific delimiter, thus emulating a tabular 
arrangement? I really don't get it. Thats the natural format for tabular 
data. Period.


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