allow scripts to use .pth files?

Alan Isaac aisaac at
Thu Jul 5 03:32:56 CEST 2007

> On Jul 3, 7:35 am, Alan Isaac <ais... at> wrote:
>>Suppose I have a directory `scripts`.
>>I'd like the scripts to have access to a package
>>that is not "installed", i.e., it is not on sys.path.
>>On this list, various people have described a variety
>>of tricks they use, but nobody has proposed a
>>pretty way to allow this.
>>I am therefore assuming there is not one. (?)
>>How about allowing a `scripts.pth` file in such a `scripts`
>>directory, to work like a path configuration file?
>>(But to be used only when __name__=="__main__".)

half.italian at wrote:
> import sys
> sys.path.append("../scripts")
> import Module_from_scripts_dir

That is not actually an answer to the question.  In any case,
path manipulation in scripts is often pronounced "not pretty".
(And would also have to be done in every script file.)

Alan Isaac

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