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Tina I tinaweb at
Sat Jul 28 06:39:45 EDT 2007

Wikicodia Admin wrote:
> Dears,
> Wikicodia is a wiki based project for sharing code snippets. We're
> collecting large number of code snippets for all code-based
> programming languages, scripts, shells and consoles. We wish you could
> help us. We're still BETA. Your suggestions, ideas and criticisms are
> very welcomed. We're waiting for you contributions. You can easily
> share and search our snippet using our Google Desktop Gadget. Share
> your Python snippets to help the world :)
> Thanks
> Wikicodia Admin
Just in case you are not aware of it; there already exists a fairly 
identical service called "The Rosetta Code" at

Maybe you could join forces instead? ;-)

PS: I'm not affiliated with Rosetta in any way...

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