bool behavior in Python 3000?

Alan Isaac aisaac at
Fri Jul 13 02:37:45 CEST 2007

> Alan Isaac skrev:

Nis Jørgensen wrote:
> You forgot to quote this bit: [4)]

Actually not.  That is a different point.
Ben seems bothered by this, but not me.
I do not mind that True+1 is 2.
I won't do it, but I do not object to it
being possible.

I do not like that True+True is 2.
I do not like that bool(False-True) is True.
I do not like that True and False are assignable,
which clearly begs for bugs to pass unseen.

>>> True, False = False, True
>>> print True, False
False True

Who can like that????

I also generally agree with Steve, whose points
keep being twisted beyond recognition.

Also, tah is right about my underlying interest
in arrays of bools (and more specifically,
boolean matrices).

I think Python 3000 is the right time to reconsider
the "ideal world" that Guido mentions in PEP 285.

Alan Isaac

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