Probably simple syntax error

Dustin MacDonald dmacdonald95 at
Tue Jul 3 01:04:36 CEST 2007

Ah. Thank you everyone. Sorry for not replying earlier, real life got
in the way :)

Gerry Herron, Tim Delaney, Mark Peters: Thank you. Switching from
parentheses to square brackets fixed the code, and yes, Tim, you were
right. It was a list I was working with. And thanks for those links

John Machin: Thank you for all the pointers/code fixes there. They'll
help alot.

Ptn: I was unaware of that period added, Thanks, I'll have to watch
out for it. :)

And Cameron: Ah, yes. It does reduce the confusion. I do know that
square brackets are used for *creating* a dictionary (blah = ["A",
"B", "C"], so I figured the same would apply to accessing it (which is
why for my list, which I created with parenthesis I assumed I accessed
with parenthesis). Thank you =]


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