Circular import problem

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Sun Jul 15 06:00:04 CEST 2007

En Sat, 14 Jul 2007 14:44:05 -0300, bvdp <bob at> escribió:

>> > But, I still don't understand how python can access a function in a
>> > file I have NOT included. In this case, to get things to work, I DO
>> > NOT "import MMA.grooves" but later in the module I access a function
>> > with "xx=MMA.grooves.somefunc()" and it finds the function, and works
>> > just fine. It shouldn't work.

> I've just used an empty file. I will have to read up a bit
> more on packages and see what advantage there is to import in that. is executed inside the package's namespace - whatever you  
import/define there, is available later as packagename.zzz

> Which is considered good style? Loading at the top or loading when
> needed?

I mean, importing at the top of the module is the recommended practice.  
I try only to import locally: a) when it is slow and not always needed,  
and b) when the imported module is unrelated to the main purpose (e.g.  
import traceback inside some exception handlers).

Gabriel Genellina

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