Writing a Python manual for Poser 7. Advice required re copyright/license

PhilC pcooke at philc.net
Fri Jul 13 16:18:24 CEST 2007

Hi Folks,

I'm attempting to write a comprehensive manual explaining how to write
Python scripts for the Poser 7 application. All the example scripts,
explanatory paragraphs and screen shots will naturally be all my own
work. My difficulty is in knowing how I may present the large amount
of tabulated data that lists out all the Tkinter functions and their
options. I'm familiar with Fredrik Lundh's "An Introduction to
Tkinter" at http://effbot.org/tkinterbook/ but would not wish to
blindly copy the tables. However there are only so many ways to type:-

The background color. The default is system specific."

The manual may be published in book form so may not be free. Does
anyone have contact information for Mr Lundh in order that I might
perhaps send him a draft copy for his comment?

Many thanks,



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