socket.makefile() buggy?

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Wed Jul 11 05:47:24 CEST 2007

On Jul 11, 7:51 am, j... at (John J. Lee) wrote:
> Steve Holden <s... at> writes:
> > ahlongxp wrote:
> >> On Jul 8, 9:54 pm, Steve Holden <s... at> wrote:
> >>> That's a pretty pejorative subject line for someone who's been
> >>> programming Python [guessing by the date of your first post] for about a
> >>> month.
> > [...]
> >> And last but not least,  I' here to be helped and help as long as I
> >> can.
> >> But as you noticed I'm not very good at expressing myself in English.
> >> I didn't mean to offense anyone but I might seem to be rude or
> >> offensive.
> >> I hope you can understand.
> > Sure. I felt it necessary to explain my remarks as my own remarks
> > seemed potentially rude or offensive. Naturally not everyone has
> > English as a first language, but your first post was good enough that
> > it wasn't immediately obvious in your case.
> This is the danger in getting too good at another language :-)
> ahlongxp, maybe you should drop some deliberate mistakes in your
> too-good English ;-)
> And FWLIW, I'd be less surprised than Steve at your finding a real bug
> in Python's socket code...
> John

Sorry, I don't think I understand what you are trying to say.
But thanks for your response anyway.

Frank Swarbrick, thank your for your advice. I'll think about it.


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