Any reason why cStringIO in 2.5 behaves different from 2.4?

Chris Mellon arkanes at
Fri Jul 27 14:46:41 CEST 2007

On 7/26/07, Stefan Scholl <stesch at> wrote:
> Chris Mellon <arkanes at> wrote:
> > XML is not a string. It's a specific type of bytestream. If you want
> > to work with XML, then generate well-formed XML in the correct
> > encoding. There's no reason you should have an XML document (as
> > opposed to values extracted from that document) in unicode objects at
> > all.
> The affected method in xml.sax is called parseString()

The imprecision of the english language has caused greater problems
than this. Since you've now had everything clarified for you, and the
imprecision is resolved, I'm sure that this won't be a problem again.

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