Restarting a Python Application

Matimus mccredie at
Wed Jul 4 00:00:27 CEST 2007

On Jul 3, 2:27 pm, kyoso... at wrote:
> Hi,
> I packaged up an application I am developing into an executable. In
> the application, it has user configurable options. I would like a way
> to restart the application so that the new options the user chooses
> can be applied. Firefox can restart itself. Does anyone know how to
> accomplish this in Python?
> Here is what I tried:
> <code>
> exePath = os.path.join(os.getcwd(), 'myprogram.exe')
> subprocess.Popen(exePath)
> sys.exit()
> </code>
> This didn't work. It closed the program, but another instance did not
> appear.
> Tips would be appreciated.
> Mike

You could package your program into a function or class and just
restart that.

# global flag for restart.
do_restart = False

def main(args=None):
    # program code
    # set do_restart and return to restart

if __name__ == "__main__":
    retval = main()
    while do_restart:
        retval = main()


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