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>> On Behalf Of Paul Rubin
>> I'm wondering how other projects go about this.
> I develop an automated build system from the very beginning. Running
> the build script:
> * Creates the API documentation (epydoc)
> * Creates the help files (extracting some information from the source)
> * Builds a windows executable (py2exe)
> * Builds an installer (Inno Setup)
> * Runs the installer (AutoIt)
> * Runs a smoke test on the installed application (AutoIt)
> The program must at least install and pass the smoke tests at any
> given point in development.
> Another script uploads the installer to my server, and sends an email
> to the testers stating that a new version is ready, with a list of
> additions/improvements.
> Regards,
> Ryan Ginstrom

What "build" tools are available in Python? Any initial hints are highly 

.w( the_mindstorm )p.

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