The best platform and editor for Python

sjdevnull at sjdevnull at
Mon Jul 2 02:30:28 CEST 2007

kimiraikkonen wrote:
> Hi,
> For experienced with Pyhton users, which developing software and
> enviroment would you suggest for Pyhton programming? Compiler+Editor
> +Debugger.

I use standard CPython bytecode compiler/virtual machine, the Vim
editor, and standard pdb for debugging.  Vim is nice as it's
multiplatform, has a built-in Python interpreter for writing
extensions, is free and lightweight.  It's a modal editor so that's a
matter of taste--people either love it or hate it.

> Also what are your suggestions for beginners of Pyhton programming?

Start with something like for a brief
Pick a very small project and program it.  Then pick something bigger
and do that.  Once you're comfortable with small projects, find an
open-source project that you like and try to understand the code
enough to make some change you find useful; reading code is as
important as writing it.

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