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Mon Jul 23 15:07:01 CEST 2007

On Jul 22, 3:00 pm, memra... at wrote:
> > Well, I ran Process Monitor with some filters enabled to only watch
> > Thunderbird and MS Word. Unfortunately, that didn't give me any of the
> > registry edits, so I disabled my filters and ran it without. Now I
> > have a log file with 28,000 entries. It's amazing to see all the stuff
> > that happens in just a few moments, but how am I supposed to parse
> > this mess?
> I expect you will find it easier figuring out how to install your app
> in the SendTo menu rather than making your app callable via MAPI. This
> probably involves ShellExtensions but I believe there are utilities
> that can be used to add any arbitrary application to the SendTo menu.
> That may be enough for your application.
> You might want to have a look at SpamBayes for an example of an
> Outlook extension written in Python to get an idea of how you can
> interface with Outlook.

We may add it to the Sendto menu, but we have users that want to be
able to use the email functionality from within Office Apps. I've been
planning on reading the SpamBayes source code anyway...however, we're
trying to move away from Outlook. We're currently using Zimbra now and
that's why I'd like to open my Python program with MAPI so I can send
email through our new Zimbra mail server.

I have interfaced with Outlook before using COM, but it's not pretty.


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