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Wed Jul 11 00:49:29 CEST 2007

> On Behalf Of Lance Hoffmeyer
> for Z in WB.Slides(29).Shapes:
> 	if (Z.Type== 7):
> 		ZZ=Z.OLEFormat.Object
> 		WSHEET = ZZ.Worksheets(1)
> 		WSHEET.Range("A1").Value = .50
> 		WSHEET.Range("A1").NumberFormat="0%"

I think you need to call Activate on your OLE object.

Here is some code I use to extract the text from an Excel worksheet embedded
in a PowerPoint slide. Maybe you can adapt it to your purposes.

def extract_excel_text( shape ):
    """Process embedded excel worksheet in the powerpoint slide

    format = shape.OLEFormat
    excel = format.Object
    sheet = excel.ActiveSheet
    for row in sheet.UsedRange.Value:
        for cell in row:
            if cell:
                yield cell
    for shape in sheet.Shapes:
            # We need to give a range of characters,              #
            # but we can take advantage of the fact that texboxes #
            # have a maximum length of 255 characters             #
            yield shape.TextFrame.Characters(1,255).Text
        except com_error, details:
            log_error( "Exception getting shape text", details )


Ryan Ginstrom

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