help with create menu in wxpython

franciscodg franciscodg at
Wed Jul 18 19:39:21 CEST 2007

hi group:

I have the following code:

        menuFile = wx.Menu()
        menuFile.Append(14, "E&xit","Sale del programa")

        menuHelp = wx.Menu()
        menuHelp.Append(41, "&about Mutamatic","Informacion de

	menuBar = wx.MenuBar()
	menuBar.Append(menuFile, "&File")
	menuBar.Append(menuHelp, "&Help") #THIS IR IS THE PROBLEM!!!

        self.SetMenuBar(menuBar) = self.CreateStatusBar(1, wx.ST_SIZEGRIP)

	#menu help
	self.Bind(wx.EVT_MENU, self.OnAbout, id=41)

The question is the following: how can 	put the menu "HELP" in right
part of the window?

for example:

|FILE|                            |HELP|
|                windows              |
|                                            |

Exist some attribute or function that does it??

thank you very much...


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