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Martin Gregorie 
<martin at see.sig.for.address>], who wrote in article <qkvem4-slt.ln1 at zoogz.gregorie.org>:
> >> Its in "A Short History of Time". Sorry I can't quote chapter or page, 
> >> but a friend borrowed my copy and lent me Dawkins "Climbing Mount 
> >> Improbable" before vanishing, never to be seen since. Not an equal 
> >> exchange: I preferred ASHOT to CMI.

> Oops - I should have written "A Brief History of Time". It was the first 
> edition, so I don't know if it was altered/edited out of later versions.

> > I would prefer a reference to a peer-reviewed paper.  ;-)

> Sure, but I don't think you'll find one. It was in a descriptive, rather 
> than rigorous, passage. But then, the book famously had only one 
> equation in it.

[I've heard about this book.]

My point is that attributing something to SH due to it appearing in
ABHoT is like attributing it to you since it was mentioned in your

Hope this helps,

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